Faria Ermina – PN 2018 (started in infant care)


When I & my husband were looking into possible infant/early childhood care options for our then 5-months old daughter, we were sadly dismayed by the options available to us as new parents in the Bayan Baru/Bayan Lepas area. Places that were so-called ‘cheap’ were poorly equipped & hazardous to infants’ safety, besides that the hygiene levels were almost always dismal at best- as doctors both of us where somewhat horrified by some of the places we saw. Places that fit into our inclusion criteria were either too expensive or too far from our home. After a long search, we stumbled upon E-Bridge through Facebook, and I am glad to say that 17 months on it has been the best decision we could have made for our daughter.
I believe that every child has the potential to blossom & nurture their innate curiosity into something that can help shape their future into something bigger, better & brighter than their predecessors, and my daughter has grown up to show us that under the expert guidance of the teachers at E-Bridge her curiosity has grown in tandem with her ability to understand & push the boundaries of knowledge available to her on a day to day basis. As a parent, I don’t worry as much when I have to drop her off & pick her up- her excitement to leave the house in the morning to attend school (even on weekends, despite the fact that the centre is closed) tells me she enjoys the social interaction & education opportunities available to her in nursery. In comparison to her peers whom attend other preschool/infant care centres I have noticed that her development is very much above & beyond the expected developmental milestones for children within her age group, and the same holds true for other children in her class. As such, I was happy to comply when asked to give some feedback on the centre- the teachers & administrators work hand in hand with the parents to foster a good, healthy bond while addressing any arising concerns in ensuring appropriate care is provided while dealing with each individual child within the classroom setting.

16 Oct 2018

Kyra Ooi Zhi Xin – N1 (2018)

The teaching methods in E-Bridge has allowed our daughter to excel both academically and personally.
You hear that the first five years are the most important, at 3 years old she’s starting to read and write, learning subtraction through activities and asking “why” or “explain, please”.
The teachers are inspiring and their love for the children shows everyday. Communication and daily updates with pictures allowed us to stay connected while at work. Throughout her 8 months in E-Bridge, we saw changes in her independence and confidence. She loves her pre-school teachers so much that she talks about them to this day, specifically Teacher Jacelyn and Teacher Yu Qi! And the forever very cheerful and caring Ms.Cheryl
Thank you so much!

10 Oct 2018

Shane Yeap Xuan Joe – N1 (2018)

Shane has been attending E-Bridge preschool since he was 17months old. He was very attached to me and would cry every morning when I sent him to school. I saw changes in his independence and confidence. I am actually very impressed with the personal attention given by the teachers. I could sense the enthusiasm from the teachers whenever they update me about Shane’s well beings in the school. There is also this web portal where I could obtain updates about Shane’s activities and photos taken in the classroom. I could see that Shane really enjoy the sensory play, cooking, art, planting and many more creative works that I could see on the classroom walls. I would highly recommend E-Bridge preschool to any parent seeking for a clean, secure and individual attention for their children. The interior and materials used in the classroom and in the school are also beautifully designed!

8 Oct 2018

kyra and shane
Kyra and Shane working on the food chain

Cherry Chou Hsin Yu – K1 (2018)



With our relocation to Penang, I have transferred my daughter from a Kindergarten in Taiwan to E-Bridge Penang. She was excited when we first visited the school. She was attracted to the learning environment and so we enrolled her in June. Within a short span of 3 months, we are truly impressed with her improvement in English. She no longer memorizes them, but instead, was able to apply them in our daily conversation. She has also improved her Chinese vocabulary and writing skills. What we are most surprised is her learning of a new language – Malay. She is now much more independent. She revises her school work and prepares for her spelling which is held every Wednesday. We are gratified to see her progress.

We do hope the school could introduce more dance, music and movement lessons to nurture and influence my daughter so as to pique her interest towards music.

Date: 4 Sept 2018

N1 student (2017)