E-Bridge pre-schools offer inquiry based programmes delivered in a nurturing and carefully designed learning environment for children ages 2 months to 6 years.

Our Programme


Our inquiry based programme responds to children’s interests while addressing their learning outcomes, encompassing skills, attitudes and knowledge across all domains of development. Our child centered curriculum focuses on children’s learning rather than on instructions given by educators. We believe that the early years are a preparation for life and not just Primary One.


Our classrooms and learning environment are purposefully designed to inspire wonder and curiosity in children. Children are invited to engage with a wide range of innovative resources and materials that extend and challenge their thinking.

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Our educators undergo intensive training and continuous professional development programme supported by EtonHouse to facilitate children’s learning in the inquiry process. They are supported by a team of pedagogists to integrate learning through inquiry in various experiences with children. 


We believe that parents are the most significant people in their child’s lives. We encourage families to engage actively in their child’s learning and collaborate with our educators to achieve the absolute best for their child’s developmental and learning goals.